Introducing “HITTING PRO ADVANCED” Model 500 a revolutionary baseball and softball batting machine with the newest Patent Technology never seen before. It is the best hitting training method and device in the market today. It is good for Baseball, Softball and Polyball. This machine has the awesome ability to sustain a ball in mid air and moves it from one side to the other of the home plate, to simulate an inside pitch, an outside pitch and one in the middle. It also makes the ball bounce in the air rotating at high speed being very hard to hit in the center.



Players from 5 to 7 years old
Use Polyball



– Improve muscle memory, bat speed and training.
– Develop a faster compact swing.
– Improve your hitting mechanics and batting average.
– Allow the player to take batting practice alone or with the coach.
– Can train indoors or outdoors.
– Different sizes tubes allow any age group to use the machine.
– The moving ball provides the lifelike batting practice condition.
– Good for real Baseball, Softball and poly ball.
– You can turn the tube with the nozzle manually and practice more at the weak points as desire or set it in automatic mode to rotate the ball from one side to the other of the home-plate.